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Common Questions & Answers

Questions and answers are general in nature.
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At Sydney Wide Spray Pave, we offer complete guarantees and assurance for all the work we do. We keep ourselves up to date with all the latest techniques and procedures in the concrete resurfacing coatings industry and apply them in our work. Our rigorous preparation process of the concrete ensures that the spray pave coating will stay fixed and not lift or peel from the concrete. Preparation is the most crucial part of the entire process, and we take adequate care to ensure that it is done correctly.

  • - Regular washing only with water, you can use high pressure without getting too close (not within eight weeks of completion).
  • - Do not use acid, bleach, chemical or solvent-based cleaning products to clean the surface.
  • - Although very rare, some carwash detergents have discoloured the surface, so its best to avoid it on the new coating.
  • - Avoid dropping or dragging heavy objects across the surface.
  • - Avoid walking on the surface as much as possible for 48 hours of concrete resurfacing completion
  • - Avoid driving on it for 7-14 days after concrete resurfacing, especially in winter, and if the concrete gets hardly any sun.

Concrete resurfacing covers existing cracks and costs significantly lower than getting new concrete. It will make your existing concrete look new all over again.

Absolutely! It works well for pool surrounds. It prevents slipping, and the sealer prevents water from penetrating. It is very durable and robust so that it may withstand sun, chemicals and salt.

Yes, there is a textured finish, knock-down trowel finish, smooth finish and more.

No, concrete resurfacing can transform your existing pebblecrete surface into something utterly new without removing it.

The colour of the concrete resurfacing won’t fade away. However, dirt can often be mistaken for fading. You would need to clean the surface from time to time and get the surface resealed after a while. You can contact us anytime when you need to get your surface resealed to give it a new and shiny look.

Yes, the textured finish of the resurfacing is known to be anti-slip. It complies with Australian standards for slip resistance on a wet surface.

We don't offer any warranty or guarantees on existing crack repairs or any issues arising from repaired or new cracks.

We do not price according to a particular square metre rate. The cost varies as per the size, condition of the concrete, finishes desired, and difficulty.

The job duration depends on the size, where and how the concrete was laid. However, an average job of 75m2 will take about four days to complete.

Ensuring that you maintain the surface, clean it regularly, and reseal it periodically, will theoretically last the life of the concrete.

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