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We offer a wide range of different designs and finishes to suit any setting.


Concrete surfaces are no longer dull, grey, and boring; they are now considered a beautiful decorative element. Our concrete resurfacing finishes range from simple to intricate and affordable to expensive. Some are easy to apply, whilst others require more effort and skills. These spray pave finishes are highly decorative and serve functional purposes.

Upon viewing the design theme of your home, we always give our expert design recommendations. Here are some of the primary finishes we offer. You can alter, combine, or even add extras to these designs such as borders and headers, add a fleck or speckle finish to a stencil design, a single colour with a flecked border or the other way around. There is no limit to your imagination.

Spray On Fleck Finish/Speckled Finish

The spray on fleck has a very appealing appearance and holds numerous benefits. The finish gives off a high-end look that can modernise the face of typical homes and match with modern style looking homes. We offer a range of fleck colour combinations to fit with nature-themed homes; lighter coloured themes for pool surrounds, a vast selection of modern grey themes and much more.

A spray on fleck finish consists of a minimum of one or more fleck colours sprayed on a primary base colour. The fleck is made of the same spray pave material used for the primary base colour, just applied differently with one fleck coat sprayed at a time. Each colour of fleck is an extra coat of material, which further adds to its slip resistance rating. Although spray on fleck is additional coats of material, it’s cheaper when compared to spraying a stencil pattern as the latter is more time-consuming.

The colour effect of fleck boasts an enticing look and can hide dirt particles which means it keeps clean longer and dirt is not quickly apparent. We have several colour combinations to select from and have sample charts on hand to show you in person, and if that is not enough, we are happy to provide you with addresses of flecked jobs we have completed to see in person for yourself.

Summary of advantages:

-  Attractive, unique, modern
-  Cheaper than stencil pattern
-  It hides dirt, keeps clean longer
-  Higher slip resistance rating

Spray On Stencil

Spray on stencil concrete resurfacing, also known as spray pave, is imprinting a pattern design on concrete surfaces. After proper preparation, the base coat (spray pave compound) is applied to the concrete via trowel or sprayed on; the colour of the base coat (chosen by the customer) serves as the colour of the grout lines. The stencil pattern is then laid on the base coat, and then two coats of a different colour are sprayed on top of the stencil in a textured finish. When dry, the stencil pattern is removed, the spray pave is sealed, and you have a permanent, attractive design imprinted on the concrete.

Spray on stencil concrete can be made to look like classic pavers, bricks, stones, and tiles. This method is an excellent option for all concrete areas, such as driveways and entertaining outdoor spaces. There are 18 classic patterns to choose from, with borders of the same or different colours added to achieve the desired look. Classic patterns are pre-designed and cut with no option to select the size of the grout lines.

We also offer custom hand taped designs that allow you to choose the size of the pattern and thickness of the grout lines. We mark the dimensions of the custom design on the base coat, then using filament tape, each strand is laid one line at a time; a method that can achieve a modern look such as large 600mm tiles with 6mm grout lines. A popular option to modernise the look of any home.

Grout line sizes available are 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 18mm.

Summary of advantages:

-   Can be made to look like modern tiles
-   Grout line thickness can be chosen
-   Custom size of tile

Single Colour Textured Finish

Not all concrete surfaces warrant patterning or fleck, many people like to keep things plain and simple, and sometimes it’s the best option. Our single colour textured finishes are attractive, affordable and hold the same strength and durability as any other finish. They’re hard-wearing and give off a unique, matt, trendy look.

A single colour textured finish requires the same preparation as a stencil pattern or fleck; the only difference is the absence of one or two steps. Therefore, the bulk of the job remains the same. We offer a vast range of contemporary, exciting colours to choose from to complement your home and landscape.

If a stencil pattern is too busy or a single colour finish is too simple for you, then there are attractive borders we can add to all finishes, such as pre-designed or custom borders. Whether you want to make your concrete surface stand out or keep it subtle, we have a solution for you.

Summary of advantages:

-  Simple and subtle to compliment surrounding areas
-  The least expensive of all designs
-  Has an attractive semi-matt, trendy look

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