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Concrete Sealing

Want to uplift the look of any concrete surface instantly?
Then go with one of our special concrete sealers.

Concrete Sealing Sydney

Concrete surfaces are prone to staining and corrosion because of the usual wear and tear they are inclined to, such as UV, traffic, dirt, and water. When utilising a concrete sealer, these problems and damages can be avoided.

The primary objective of a concrete sealer is to protect and extend the life of a concrete surface by repelling and sealing from external elements and spills. Sealing will avert dirt particles from entering the pores of the concrete surface and will keep it protected against harmful UV, variable climatic changes, and other harsh elements. Repelling will also redirect various contaminates and even save your concrete surface from everyday wear and tear.

Importantly, it prevents moisture and water from penetrating the concrete, which helps in reducing the chance of cracks and water-related issues such as the growth of mould, moss, and mildew. Furthermore, it will protect against corrosion and chemical spills.

Concrete sealers have excellent adhesion compared to paint which only bonds to the surface. Instead, sealer penetrates the pores of the concrete, giving it a longer life expectancy.

Concrete Sealer Colour Options

Suppose the surface of the concrete is in good condition with no fading, discolouration, or stains. In that case, a clear sealer is a great option to preserve that look and maintain the appearance of the finish. However, note that occasionally, a clear sealer brings out imperfections because it is clear and not suitable for hiding imperfections.

If your concrete surface is faded, stained, the colour is outdated, or you want to beautify it, a coloured sealer is the best option. Overall, a coloured sealer is recommended for most projects because it does an excellent job at hiding imperfections and stains. More importantly, it isn't prone to moisture-related colour issues that mainly occur when using a clear sealer.

*It's important to note that the objective of a concrete sealer is to protect the concrete and can endure wear and tear, damage and discolouration in the process. This can be due to many reasons, such as severe environmental circumstances, harsh chemicals, and dyes. Sealer is the first line of defence

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